jeudi 28 juin 2018


LittleRedDoor’s new collection of cocktails is inspired by the philosophical concept of universal values ; the idea that there are ten values all humans can relate to regardless of geographical location or culture. Each cocktail created by the team at Little Red Door is inspired by one of the ten universal values ; strength, stimulation, hedonism, achievement, conformity, benevolence,self-direction, tradition, security and universalism.

Inspired by the work of philosopher Shalom H.Schwartz; regardless of individual beliefs, demographics, cultureorgeography; the concept of universal values explores the way individuals think, personal desires and human emotions. The drinks are presented in the style of a surrealist children’s story book. The team worked with illustrator Laura Sheldon to capture an abstract visual representation of their personal narrative. Each cocktail is presented across a double A4 page, leading with the image; the ingredients are hidden behind a fold out door.

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