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The power 100, the world's most powerfull spirit brands, 2012


SmirnoffWhilst it remains once more at the top, the once supreme Smirnoff has been scarred by promotional pricing within the key US market. Its year on year growth sits at around 1% as it has failed to expand its market share with competitors like Absolut showcasing far stronger improvements. Its brand score slipped further yet this year, down from 75% to 71% led by a noticeable decline in its brand perception and future growth scorings. In 2008, Smirnoff saw a record sales figure of 26.2m cases and, down to 24m for 2011, it is yet to claw its way back to that position of strength.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie WalkerJohnnie Walker manages to creep up a spot largely due to impressive sales growth of 10% for the year. The Scotch brand has shown particularly strong performance in the Far East, a hugely influential and important market to help the future growth of many of the top spirits brands. It has also seen impressive sales in Brazil, the biggest growth market for Scotch. With a growth in sales of 1.5m cases between 2010 and 2011, Johnnie Walker is evidence of how well Diageo can and does manage its mega brands. This is one of the best annual brand performances we have witnessed.


BacardiBacardi’s drop from second to third place is more evidence of Johnnie Walker’s superb performance for the year rather than a sign of any weakness in the rum brand. It showcased a 2% year on year growth that, whilst evidence that it remains a top tiered spirits brand, could not compete with the performance of some other brands this year. The reliance of Bacardi for sales in the turbulent EU and US markets, with only a minor presence in the Asian markets, also goes some way to explain why the rum brand has failed to improve much on sales within the last year.

Martini Vermouth

Martini VermouthMartini remains in fourth position for the third year in a row with other brands unable to shift it. Its brand scoring remains at 68%, the same as 2011, and growth remains fairly small but with its strong heritage and the continued buoyancy in the cocktail market, the Italian vermouth remains well at the top of the aperitif sector with sales of 16.3m cases for the year, dwarfing sales of Jagermeister at 6.8m.


HennessyWith a growth of 300,000 cases for the year, Hennessy completely outstrips its closest competitor, Martell. Much like Johnnie Walker, its sales increase was very much lead by growth in the Far East allowing it to push up two rankings this year, an incredible move to make so high up the rankings. It is also a particularly formidable increase for a high end product. Asian demand has driven Hennessy’s impressive growth as owner, LVMH, has targeted the growing middle class in China in particular with sales there driven by more expensive, premium and super premium variants.


AbsolutAfter years with very small movement in sales figures, Absolut finally managed an 8% increase for the year. As Smirnoff continues to decline, Absolut on the other hand has begun bolstering its sales largely thanks to lowered prices in the US. It has become powerful enough to stress other players and the only reason it has slipped down a place this year is because it was outperformed by the likes of Johnnie Walker and Hennessy.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel'sThe US market has remained a key one for Jack Daniel’s pushing its 4% year on year growth as the US market recovered further from recession. It also managed to show some growth in the Asian market, though to a much lesser extent than some of the other brands in the top 10. Having only slipped one place, JD remains the key player in the US whiskey market whilst keeping a slow and steady growth into other geographical areas.

Chivas Regal

Chivas RegalChivas Regal had another superb year with a 400,000 case growth following an increase in net sales of 5% for the previous year. China remains Chivas Regal’s largest market alongside Korea, Japan and, to a lesser extent, the US. Its brand score only dropped 1%, allowing it to remain firmly in eighth position but it continues to be outperformed by Johnnie Walker.

Captain Morgan

Captain MorganCaptain Morgan remains the second largest rum spirit brand despite sales figures half of its closest category leader, Bacardi. It managed to maintain growth with an increase of 4% in sales though its brand score slipped by 14%. Though it has maintained its position its performance is rather outshone by many other brands for the year.


Ballantine'sThe third Pernod owned brand in the top ten, Ballantine’s maintains its rankings from 2011. The blended scotch brand has maintained steady growth and kept pace with competitors with a 10% year on year growth.

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