mardi 24 mars 2015

)( Hedonist )(

Hedonist is a new product launched in February 2012. Sold as a 29% vol. spirit,  it's a blend of cognac, ginger and vanilla. Handcrafted with delicate art of cognac blending, Hedonist is targeted to lovers of new sensations and experiences.

The harmony of the blend delivers the richness of cognac on the first note; the light bitterness of the ginger comes after whilst a sweet and fresh note of vanilla lingers beautifully at last. This wonderful creation gives a full sensational experience of delicate aromatic cognac.

Hedonist could be served on ice with a dash of lime, in champagne, seltzer water, soda, or as a cool shoot for the more daring. Its unique and subtle taste makes it not only the key ingredient for creating new cocktails but also a perfect twist on the iconic ones.



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