lundi 21 juillet 2014

Spiritueux Magazine : Beluga Vodka, la vodka russe des gastronomes.

Crédit photo @ Say Who.

Russian vodka label Beluga has introduced a new limited edition, ultra-premium vodka, the Beluga Gold Line. The Paris Liquor Store is welcoming the brand this summer.

The new offer has had its maturation period extended to ninety days and is made using fermented extract and rhodiola rosea extract for a mild, but complex taste. 

The new vodka, designed for ‘gourmets and connoisseurs’ comes with a unique feature. The bottle has been sealed with a cork and hot wax to preserve the integrity of the liquid. It is supplied with a special hammer and a brush for extracting the cork and cleaning off the wax.

In addition to on-shelf standout, this new bottle creates a unique opening ritual that provides theatre when ordered on-trade. Such theatre is particularly important among young LDA-drinkers and in emerging markets where status has to be signalled in visible ways.



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